"Macciavelli has everything you need, cheap studio sounds which are well organized in several folders and ready to cut & mix. My go-to is the Beautiful Piano Moments Sound Library – it’s my source for creative inspiration!"


William P.

"The effects are quality recordings so you often have a variety in the takes, which help you to find the right distance, speed, and duration of the effect to match your project. There is literally no way freelancers will go without the sound effects they need when they purchase the Cinenma Sound Library. Well done, guys!!"


Thomas M.

"I myself have used the Macciavelli free-samples in a variety of applications, from sweetening room ambiance in documentaries, to employing frightening gun shots in gangster movies, to everything in between. It’s been a tremendous help to my work, improving the speed of my turnaround."


Victor C.

“I got this as a cheap starter library for my assistants in school, but I ended up using it myself first on the youtube-movie I’m working on right now. It’s a great general library to start with, it covers a lot of different areas and has a lot of variations. (Cinema Sound Library)”


Sabrina S.

"Only one thing left to say:




"I have recently bought the cartoon sound library. WOW! - These are really great sounds. Very good recordings. Highly recommended over some of the poorly recorded “standard” libraries..."


Robin P.

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