Layering animal sound effects is a common sound design trick!


An elephant screech famously contributes to the classic Star Wars TIE Fighter sound, roaring lions are tucked into revving car engines and fictional creatures sounds often borrow those of real creatures. Animal sounds are such an effective design tool because of their unique, organic range of expression.


Our "Sound of Wildness" library is a collection of usual and unique animal sounds from field recordings around the world. They have been meticulously edited and mastered for cross-industry sound design usage from games to mobile/interactive and traditional film/broadcast.



This animal sound library was built from one aim: "To find, nurture and release animal sound effects into the wild".



This collection was edited and optimized for game and interactive industries in mind, so most are shorter, trigger-able sounds. The library also contains a collection of ambiences - longer, environmental sound effects that can be further edited or used as backgrounds.


- original animal voices and sounds -

- library ships in high definition audio quality -

- studio sounds with low price guarantee -

- 79 files as .wav [16 bit / 44,1 kHz] -
- 81 files as .mp3 -
- compatible with all DAW -
- commercial use verified -

- royalty-free -

Sound of Wildness


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