Studio Sounds Libraries with Low-Price Guarantee

"Why invest money in sound libraries, samples and loops, if you can download them for free? "

Many musicians, film producers and sound designers are right to ask this question!


It is important to deal with this issue at the beginning, because it is a matter of one's own hard-earned money.


The answer is simple: quality has its price


Or would you give away your own valuable work for free?


BUT: You don't have to pay hundret or thousands of dollar to achieve a good sound library!


We at Macciavelli thought, that it's time to offer students, musicians, DJ's or even other sound designer the possibility to realise their own projects with high quality studio sounds & effects contained in different cheap sound libraries without loosing some quality!


Your benefit with our products is not to download 5, 10 or even 20 similar loops and samples  "for free" and still get only a defective sound library. Save yourself this time and become productive instead!


You will benefit personally and avoid spending hours looking for the right sound. Purchase a studio quality sound library once and proceed to the processing of your project immediately.


See this purchase as an investment in your own work!


Take a look at Macciavelli Sound Libraries and convince yourself of our quality, which we have been improving for many years and which is our best advertising!

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